A note from us to you

This past year has been quite the rollercoaster. Here at Treasure Hut, we've done our best to go with the flow and still provide you and your loved ones with flowers through the toughest of days, but an industry shortage has meant doing things a little differently.

One of our flower wholesalers, recently posted on their site, sharing this message about the industry floral shortage. To make a long story short, production has dipped due to:

  • domino effect of the global pandemic shutdown in 2020
  • giant companies buying up farms that were previously supplying the open flower market
  • unlucky weather (which, with global warming, may only prove more tricky in future years)
  • increased demand for truck drivers during an already-existing truck driver shortage · increased cargo rates for international shipping

...Sooooooo what does this mean for you, the Treasure Hut Patron?

Since flower availability is inconsistent and we don't know that we'll be getting the exact same flowers each week, the arrangement you get may vary a little from the photos on the website. However, we guarantee that you'll still get the same value and we won't deviate in extreme ways - meaning the subtle English garden-looking bouquet you ordered won't show up as a bold, tropical cacophony, or visa-vera. It could also mean that ordering a pink-colored bouquet results in not solely pink flowers, but also some whites or peach flowers - again, nothing too extreme.

This part's a bit of a downer - we know. But for the reasons listed above, as well as our efforts to pay our staff fair wages, we, like many other small business owners, have to adjust our pricing. This is especially apparent for flower-heavy times like Mother's Day, since demand is high and even in normal years, wholesale flower prices are elevated for these holidays.

At the end of the day, we are a group of florists with trained eyes for creating flower magic. All of our designers are here because of their genuine love for flowers, and honestly, making your flowers brings us just as much joy as they bring you. We truly appreciate your trust in our craft and hope that you'll continue to give us opportunities to curate botanical beauty for you in the future.